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  • PVC Sole Mold
  • PVC Sole MoldPVC sole mold is mainly specialized in production of PVC shoe soles through once foaming. Air is blown into soles, it makes shoes with the foaming soles cozier than common ones. Besides, PVC sole mould is available to produce PVC sole accessories. It works as an auxiliary equipment of the shoe making machine. Fixed on work table, PVC sole injection mould will be injected with m...
  • PVC Slipper Mold
  • PVC Slipper MoldPVC slipper mould is mainly applied to make once-foaming slippers. With air foams inside, PVC slippers are more comfortable than other slippers. It can also produce PVC sole accessories. Steel or aluminium alloy as material makes PVC slipper molds anti-wear and durable. Material is injected into moulds with rotation of work table, which makes operation easy....
  • PVC Sandal Mold
  • PVC Sandal MoldPVC sandal mold is employed to produce once-foaming sandals. It is suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic materials. Sandals made by PVC sandal mould are more comfortable than common sandals because of air foams inside. With aluminium alloy as main material, moulds are more durable. Besides, rotary work table makes sandal injection more convenient....

PVC Air Blowing Mold

PVC air blowing mold is used in shoes making machines to produce shoes with strong stereo appearance. It is composed of upper mould, bottom mould, middle mould and middle plate. Material to make PVC air blowing mould is aluminium alloy or steel, it makes the mould durable. During shoe making process, PVC material is injected into the mould and formed into shoes or soles according to programmed controlling.

Design Procedure
Firstly, program flow chart of PVC air blowing mold is designed, including CAD flow chart, 2D picture, structure chart and 3D inspection. The second step is CAM program, including NC program design, processing form, discharging form, CNC and EDM. Lastly, separated data is combined into integrity, and it is optimized to get the final mold. Moulds have to pass quality tests and operation checks before they are put into market.

PVC air blowing mold is used to produce slippers, sandals and shoe soles. Its function varies with shoes. Slippers and sandals by PVC air blowing mould can be put into use after only one foaming process. With air inside shoes, they are soft and cozy.

1. PVC air blowing molds have to pass various inspection standards, such as HR80 to promise quality. Besides, molds will not go deformed even under 400℃. And molds must be tested four times before sales.
2. We choose brand name aluminum alloy from Guangdong province as material of moulds.
3. Professional research and development team with experience of more than ten years is organized to advance quality of PVC air blowing molds. Hence, products are highly praised by customers at home and abroad.
4. We have thorough after-sale services for our PVC air blowing moulds. Many service centers are set up for repairing, consulting and maintenance. Besides, price of shoes moulds is lower than that of most manufacturers’, because present business target of Jili Co. is to expand its market.

Purchase Attentions
(1) Usage Scope of PVC Air Blowing Molds
(2) Working Hours
(3) Mould Size

(1) Only cooper rod, cooper wire and special cleaning agent can be used to clean the moulds. After cleaning work, PVC air blowing mold should be dried with blowers. No rigid items like iron wires, steel bars are allowed to clean moulds. Polish rusty surface and apply anti-preventive oil to it. Choose a dry, no-dust, shady and cool space to place PVC air blowing moulds.
(2) Problems of component wear, metamorphic lubricating oil and corrosion by water and glue etc. must be solved through necessary maintenance.
(3) Maintenance for PVC air blowing molds should cover several aspects, including rust removal, lubrication, changing worn fittings and repairing etc.

(1) Moulds passed ISO certification.
(2) Payment is in T/T and L/C.
(3) PVC air blowing mold is delivered 20 days after customers have chose desired wooden mould. Cargo is covered with cardboard or three-ply wood.

Located in famous shoe city-Jinjiang, Fujian province, Jili is specialized in production of shoe making machines, shoe making auxiliary equipments and shoe molds. Our products are widely sold around the world, including China, Bengal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil and countries in central Asia.