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PVC Sandal Mold

PVC Sandal Mold

PVC sandal mold is employed to produce once-foaming sandals. It is suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic materials. Sandals made by PVC sandal mould are more comfortable than common sandals because of air foams inside. With aluminium alloy as main material, moulds are more durable. Besides, rotary work table makes sandal injection more convenient.

(1) Stable and Rapid Mould Opening
(2) Moisture Resistant
(3) Flexible Operation for PVC Sandal Mold
(4) Environment Friendly Design
(5) High-Quality Aluminum as Material
(6) Quality Tests for More than Four Times 

(1) A series of tests are conducted to check quality of PVC sandal molds, including high temperature resistance. Moulds are requested to keep undeformed under 400 ℃.
(2) Material is from brand name aluminium alloy, it makes PVC sandal moulds more wear-resistant.
(3) We have a research and development team with experience of more than ten years, it endows our products with high quality and makes them popular among customers.
(4) Comprehensive after-sale services including repairing, maintenance and technology consulting are offered.
(5) At present, our business target is to expand market. So, with lower price, you can choose PVC sandal molds of high quality equal to that of other manufacturers.


Color Single Color
Product Sandal
Material Aluminum Alloy
Mould Style One Pair per Mould
Mould Size L(350-450) × W(180-280) × H(100-275) mm
Mould Weight 35-80 kg
Package Cardboard
Process CNC Or Casting
Production Environment 175℃-220℃
Delivery Date 20 Days after Confirmation of Wooden Mould
Mould Life > 5 Years

(1) Regular Maintenance
(2) Injection Position
(3) No Sundries in PVC Sandal Molds

(1) Delivered by Sea.
(2) Payment by L/C or T/T

Jili PVC sandal moulds are widely sold around the world. Apart from customers in China, we have established commercial relationship with foreign customers from Bengal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil and central Asia. Our products have gained good reputations among them.

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