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Raw Material Mixer

Raw Material Mixer

Raw material vertical mixer is a main part of shoes auxiliary equipments. It refers to a machine that mixes raw materials into a homogeneous mixture with blades of high rotation speed in certain cylinder or groove. It is also called mixing machine because it is designed to mix dry powder and mortar. There are several kinds of mixers, namely forced mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, double horizontal shaft mixer etc.

The raw material vertical mixer has three main parts which are responsible for working process, supporting and power respectively. The working portions are made up from stirrer, stirring shaft (including coupling), and mixing auxiliaries. The supporting portions are engine base and bearings. The power portions of the mixing machine include motor/dynamo and speed reducer.

Working Parts of Raw Material Vertical Mixer
1. Stirrer
Stirrer is named stirring blade, too. How to choose a right stirrer is based on several aspects, including the purpose of stirring, viscosity of materials and size of the stirrer. Besides, energy consumption, expenditure and maintenance of the stirrer, etc, should be taken into consideration when buying a mixing machine.
2. Stirring Shaft
It is used to fix stirrer of the raw material vertical mixer. It gains power from the speed reducer to decrease the flowing resistance. A stirring shaft is made up of journal, spindle nose and shaft. Metal to produce the stirring shaft is high-quality steel No. 45, steel, No. 35 and stainless steel.
3. Coupling
A coupling is used to joint two independent shafts tightly and makes sure that shafts co-rotate in concentric way. It also reduces shock in working process of the mixing machine.

Supporting Parts of Raw Material vertical Mixer
1. The motor/dynamo and speed reducer must work together.
2. Bearings of the raw material mixer are applied to support stirring shafts.
Power Parts of Raw Material vertical Mixer
1. The motor/dynamo often co-works with the speed reducer.
2. There are four kinds of speed reducers which are called belt speed reducer, double reduction gear speed reducer, cycloidal-pin gear speed reducer and harmonic speed reducer.
3. Transmission of the mixing machine is mainly made up from motor/dynamo, speed reducer and engine base.

Properties of Raw Material vertical Mixer
1. All stirrers apply highly efficient low-speed axial flow impellers. Stirring shafts and blades are installed and disassembled as integrity. The stirrer can work independently without considering the material volume in the dissolution tank, no matter if the tank is empty/ filled or if water is discharged/ injected into the tank. It can keep working more than 0.5 hour stably even the dissolution tank is in no-load condition. Stirrers of raw material vertical mixer can work more than 20,000 hours without failures. Strength and rigidity of materials which make the stirrer meet needs of regulated functions and long working hours.
2. During the working, the vibration of the motor system must be controlled less than 4 mm/s, and the noise less than 80 dB(A).
3. Cycloidal-pin gear speed reducers are used in the raw material vertical mixer with speed ratio of nine to one. Bearings are not needed outside speed reducers. Rated work hour of bearings is 30,000 hours. Shell of speed reducer is dust-proof and leakage-proof. Lubricating oil of the speed reducer works only below 70 ℃ and with temperature rise of less than 40 ℃.
4. Stirring shafts are designed in suspension type without base bearing. Straightness tolerance of stirring shafts is 0.1 mm/m. Stirring shafts of the raw material vertical mixer apply impeller to reduce energy loss during stirring process. A stabilizer is not needed because the stirring shaft impellor has three blades. Stirring shaft and impeller are installed and disassembled as integrity. Solid coupling is not applied underneath the speed reducer. Stirring shaft and impeller of the raw material vertical mixer are made from 316 stainless steel. Forms of the mixing machine are corrosion resistant.
5. Coaxiality tolerance and perpendicularity tolerance between stirring shaft and output shaft of the speed reducer is 0.05 mm/m. Properties, such as power, noise and vibration etc, of the raw material vertical mixer are tested after its installment during pilot run. 

Parameters of Row Material Vertical Mixer

Type   PC-150 PC-300 PC-500
Material Weight kg 150 300 500
Motor Power KW 3 3 7.5
Heating Power KW 6 8 13.5
Gross Power KW 9 11 21
Mixing Capacity kg/h 150 200 250
Tank Size mm 1000 × 600 × 700 1250 × 720 × 850 1400 × 840 × 1100
Machine Size mm 1700 × 1000 × 1300 1900 × 1000 × 1600 2000 × 1200 × 2000
Gross Weight kg 450 600 800

Solutions to Energy Consumption
Traditional raw material vertical mixers can be divided into several categories, including vertical foldable mixer, horizontal impeller agitator and other types (with radical flow, axial flow or mixed flow). But the traditional ones have many disadvantages, such as high energy consumption while unsatisfied efficiency and quality, unnecessary cost etc.
To simplify structure of the raw material vertical mixer, multipolar and direction-connected dynamos are applied in our improvement plan. Impellers are moulded or welded to improve energy saving and efficiency. The mixing machine is tight in structure and convenient in maintenance in traditional ways, this advantage should be kept. Taking the elements above and product reliability into consideration, we improve our technology in several aspects for our raw material vertical mixer.
(1) Because the inaccurate structure of the impellers will reduce balance of high-speed rotational impellers, we retest the hydraulic power and apply complete ram-type welding and sweepback impeller, which improves the hydraulic efficiency and balance.
(2) Unlike the bulky submersible mixer which has disadvantages of low efficiency with high cost, we resort to helical gear reducer with integration of common 4-pole motor to improve the raw material vertical mixer. The improved energy-saving submersible mixer is composed of submersible motor, speed reducer, impellers and installation system.

1. Material mixing is fast, and time to mix a batch of material is only 0.5-2.5 min.
2. Mixing uniformity is high (CV<=5%).
3. Segregation is effectively avoidable for materials whose specific gravity, granularity and shape   are greatly different from each other.
4. The variable range of loading density is 0.4-0.8.
5. Power consumption of our raw material vertical mixer is 60% lower than common horizontal spiral ribbon mixer.
6. The vertical mixing machine is easy to operate and its maintenance is convenient.
7. Machines in volume of 1-12 ton are alternative for customers.
8. It is made from stainless steels and easy to clean.
9. Low-cost investment into the raw material vertical mixer can bring high benefit with small labor power and working area.
10. The customized raw vertical mixer in different height is available according to different workshop.

Purchase Notices
1. Before purchase, make sure whether the mixing machine you need is anti-explosion and anti-combustion. The raw material vertical mixer can be divided into electronic maxing machine and pneumatic mixing machine according to energy source. Although there are special anti-explosion electric mixing machines to choose, pneumatic mixing machines are still the better choice for anti-explosion and anti-combustion needs.
2. Customers should pay attention to relevant parameters to the raw material vertical mixer before they buy the mixer.
(1) Have a brief knowledge of the viscosity of the materials.
(2) Get information about the size of mixing tank, including the diameter and height. Is the bottom of the tank is flat or conical? Is the tank equipped with a push tug? The size of mixing tank is an important element to choose the right impeller and raw material vertical mixer in right height.

1. To clean the machine regularly, especially in winter, can prolong the work hours.
2. Mixing machine must be placed on flat surface, with its axles on the square wood to lift the tire above floor in case that it moves with the rotation of tires.
3. Earth leakage protection must be applied into the raw material vertical mixer. Before it is put into normal application of every work day, the mixing machine must be tested in empty-tank condition, only after it is tested qualified, can it be used. In general, the rotation speed of empty tank is 2-3 rounds faster than that of filled tank, if they are greatly different, the proportion between driving wheels should be adjusted.
4. The rotation direction of the tank of the raw material vertical mixer should conform to that showed by the arrow. If they are not coincident with each other, please correct the motor wire connection.
5. Check flexibility of the transmission clutch and brake. Make sure that the pulleys work well , steel wire rope is undamaged, obstacles are wiped out and lubrication is finished etc.
6. Pay attention to working procedure of the raw material vertical mixer and make sure that it works normally. When it stops working, please check if screws are loose or lost.
7. Oddments of material should be cleaned when concrete mixing is finished or when mixing process is suspended for more than one hour. During the cleaning, pour cobbles and water into the stirring tank, then turn on the power switch. Finally, the mixture of cobbles, water and mortar will be discharged through rotation of the tank.
8. The raw material vertical mixer should be power-off when it is not working. Lock the switch box to make sure security.

Regular maintenance is a must for the mixing machine and accomplished together with operation and overhaul, hence, an operator is needed to check the raw material vertical mixer specially. Working hour of the mixing machine is related to various aspects, including working condition, machining precision, materials and maintenance, etc.
1. Maintenance of bearings is the first and most important aspect to take into consideration. They are used to bear weight of the whole mixing machine, so lubrication is very important to keep bearings longevous. You should pay more attention to the swiveling bearing, gears, live bearing and sliding plane of the raw material vertical mixer during the lubrication.
2. New-installed tires should be checked frequently because the new tires tend to be loose more easily than the old ones.
3. Check other fittings of the mixing machine to make sure they work well. Inspect the attrition degree of the fittings and change them into new ones timely. Dust on the floor under the movable equipment should be cleaned, or the raw material vertical mixer cannot move flexibly when mixing the rigid material, it may cause a serious accident. Besides, the rise of oil temperature should request an overhaul to make sure security. If strange sounds are produced during the running of swiveling gears, stop the mixing machine and solve problems.

Package and Delivery of Raw Material Vertical Mixer
1. All items offered by us are packaged in standard safety regulations. The packaged cargoes are damp-proof, shock-proof, rust-proof, rough-handling-proof, which promises cargoes are safely delivered to customers.
2. A product list is attached to each pack.
3. Package, marks and certifications of the cargoes meet national regulations and requirements of customers.
4. Customer can assign staff to our factory to check product quality and supervise the loading procedure of machines.
5. The cargo is delivered 7 days after we receive down payment and the base condition for running the machine is assured qualified in a written notice.

Payment (L/C   T/T   Cash) of Raw Material Vertical Mixer
(1) 30% of the cost is paid in advance after the signature of the contract.
(2) 40% of the cost is paid after the cargo is delivered.
(3) 20% of the cost is paid after the cargo is received and checked by customers..
(4)Payment of 10% of the cost is prolonged for one year as the quality assurance.

After-Sale Service
Warranty period of our products is one year. In this year, machines can be delivered back to our factory for repair because of non-artificial breakdown, while postage is offered by customers.

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